BreakBread Literacy Project: 

BreakBread Magazine

The BreakBread Literacy Project is a space for young creatives to take root and grow. The Project seeks to empower and honor the voices of all young artists through three initiatives: 

  • BreakBread Magazine: groundbreaking new work in arts and letters from young creatives under the age of 25
  • BreakBread Reading Series: community reading events for young and established voices in literature
  • BreakBread Creation Classroom: a pop-up creative education program that brings creative writing workshops to local schools, libraries, youth centers and community venues.

BreakBread Magazine: What we do

BreakBread Magazine is a magazine for all young creatives under the age of 25. We are always looking for vivid, timely poetry, nonfiction, short stories and visual arts—fine art, photography, comics, illustrated narratives, and hybrid work that explores new directions in arts and letters.  

BreakBread seeks to engage, develop and publish the work of all young artists, including creatives who identify as AfrX-Caribbean, Asian-Pacific Islander, Black, First Peoples/Indigenous, Incarcerated, LatinX, Migrant/Refugee/Diaspora, Roma, LGBTQIA, Appalachian-Affrilachian, and all people living in poverty. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we understand that many people hold identities that are intersectional, multidimensional, and complicated. We invite and embrace all work by young creatives that shares the authentic, lived experiences of oppressed peoples. 

Breakbread Submission Guidelines

  • BreakBread only accepts original, unpublished work by creatives under the age of 25. 
  • If you are new to publishing your work, and need assistance with Submittable, please email us at
  • BreakBread only accepts submissions through our Submittable page. 
  • Pen-and-paper submissions are only accepted from young creatives in detention facilities. Those submissions should be sent to: The BreakBread Literacy Project, #252, 716 North Ventura Road, Oxnard, CA 93030.
  • All young creatives whose work is accepted for publication will be asked to verify their age.   
  • You may publish under a pen name, but we do not publish anonymous work. 
  • If you are under age 18, we must have permission from your parent/guardian to publish your work. 
  • Creatives are limited to one submission per genre, per submission period.
  • BreakBread does not publish erotica or fanfiction. 
  • Submissions that are excerpts from longer works must be fully realized in their own right, and must “stand alone” as complete.   
  • Creatives must submit their own work and correspond directly with BreakBread staff.  BreakBread does not accept submissions made on behalf of young artists (for example, work submitted by parents, teachers, mentors or guardians). The only exception to this policy is for youth in detention facilities. Please email us at for more information. 
  • BreakBread retains First North American Serial Rights to published work. Those rights revert to the creative upon publication. 
  • Submissions are accepted year-round. Submissions for the February 2021 issue of BreakBread are open from August 1-November 15, 2020.
  • BreakBread does not print previously published material. Work is considered previously published if it has been posted in any digital arena, including social media, online forums (Wattpad, blogs/website, Amazon Kindle). Work is considered previously published if it has been self-published, appeared in a literary magazine or Zine, published in a newspaper or newsletter. If you’re not sure whether your work is OK to submit, please use this handy list: 

Can I submit it to BreakBread?

  • Printed in a school newspaper or yearbook: Yes
  • Sent in an email: Yes
  • Written and posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube or other social media: No
  • Read aloud/performed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube or other social media: No
  • Performed live on stage, radio, TV, or other public broadcast media: Yes
  • Printed in local, municipal, or community newspaper/newsletter: No
  • Published on a blog or website: No
  • Self-published print book or e-Book: No

Still not sure? Email us at and we’ll let you know.



BreakBread accepts art, photography, illustrated narratives, comics, photoessays, and hybrid forms. Please upload your work in PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG format. Your work should be high-resolution, 2500x2500 and a minimum of 600dpi. 


BreakBread invites poets to submit up to four poems; your entire submission should be no more than 4 pages or about 1500 words. Please use a standard 12 point font, leave a 1” margin on all sides, and title your poems. Include your last name and the page number in the upper right hand corner of each page. Title your file: Lastname, Firstname_Poetry.  


BreakBread publishes original short fiction and nonfiction (memoir, essays, journalism). Submissions should be no more than 25 pages or 7500 words. Please double-space your work, use a standard 12 point font, leave a 1” margin on all sides, and number your pages. Hybrid works, like photoessays and illustrated texts, should be submitted in our “Visual/Illustrated Artwork and Narratives” genre.  Include your last name and the page number in the upper right hand corner of each page. Title your file: Lastname, Firstname_Fiction or  Lastname, Firstname_Nonfiction. 


We’re excited to get to know you and your work and look forward to reading each and every submission we receive. With that in mind, please keep your cover letters brief. The information we would like you to include is:

  • Name, age, location
  • Submission title, genre, wordcount (or number of poems/ number of visual pieces)
  • A list of previous publications (within reason—if your list is lengthy give us the highlights!)

Connect with BreakBread

Twitter: BreakBreadProj

Instagram: BreakBreadProject

Calling artists under the ages of 25, BreakBread Literary Magazine wants your art for our inaugural

issue! We are looking for groundbreaking art, photography, illustrated narratives, comics, photoessays,

and hybrid forms from young creatives all over the world.

BreakBread is a youth literacy project dedicated to cultivating creatives under the age of 25. We seek to

provide a place where young creatives’ work can take root and grow, introducing youth to the world of

literature and publishing as a means of self-expression and vocational development. Our program

seeks to develop young creatives—especially those who lack access to traditional publishing

internships and writing opportunities—into pre-professional, college-ready editors, writers, and team


Winners will have their art featured in BreakBread Magazine’s inaugural, digital issue; the contest

winners image will serve as the landing page banner on the BreakBread website; and the winning

artwork will be posted widely on BreakBread's Twitter and Instagram. If selected, your art will be the

base for two specialty colors that house the issue’s aesthetic and be awarded a $50 cash prize. The

winner will be selected by special guest judge Frederick Luis Aldama – award-winning author, editor,

co-editor of 48 books and Distinguished University Professor at The Ohio State University.

Rules and regulations:

● Only one submission per artist. Multiple submissions will be automatically declined.

● Submissions accepted only through BreakBread Magazine Submittable page. No fee to submit!

● Your work must be previously unpublished. This includes blogs and social media. If you’re not

sure whether your work has been published please use this handy chart available on our

website: See Here

● All general submission guidelines from BreakBread apply. For more information please visit our

submittable page: See Here

● Submissions must remain within the following guidelines: Work in PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG

format. High-resolution, 2500x2500 and a minimum of 600dpi.

Submission deadline is December 1st! 

The BreakBread Literacy Project: BreakBread Magazine